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MEDICAL products beginning with : O
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
OSHA Compliant, Emergency Care Supplies (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliant, First Aid Kits (46 suppliers)
OSHA Compliant, General OSHA Items (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliant, Protective Eyewear (3 suppliers)
OSHA Compliant, Linen Disposal (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliant, Signs (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliance, Faceshields (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliant, Protection Kits (1 supplier)
OSHA Compliant, Protective Disposable Garments (26 suppliers)
OSHA Compliant, Protective Gowns (12 suppliers)
OSHA Compliant, Shoe Covers (3 suppliers)
OSHA Compliant, Training (2 suppliers)
Osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Matrix (5 suppliers)
Optical RF Lesioning System (1 supplier)
One Handed Manual Breast Pump (1 supplier)
One handed manual breast pump is a manual breast pump. It is a single pump, which means the user can only express milk from one breast at a time. It comes with a flexible flange, called a flexi shield that can be inserted into the plastic cone that fits over the breast. This flexi shield helps stimulate the areola area and ensures a better fit. The suction strength and cycle of the breast pump is controlled by the user, and requires only one hand to operate.
Obstetrical Instruments Umbilical Tapes (21 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Photography. Ocular Fundus Photography (3 suppliers)
Orbital Implants, Acrylic Sphere Implants (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmology Culture Reagents Agar (4 suppliers)
Ophthalmology Culture Reagents LB Agar Plates (4 suppliers)
Ophthalmology Tonometers, Applanation (8 suppliers)
Applanation tonometer is an instrument for determining ocular tension by application of a small flat disk to the cornea. In Applanation tonometry, a special calibrated sterile probe attached to a slit lamp biomicroscope to flatten part of the cornea. Because the probe makes contact with the cornea, a topical anesthetic, such as oxybuprocaine, tetracaine, alcaine, proxymetacaine or proparacaine is introduced onto the surface of the eye in the form of one or a few eye drops. A yellow fluorescein dye is used in conjunction with a cobalt blue filter to aid the examiner in determining the IOP.
Ophthalmology, Retractors (46 suppliers)
Orbital Procedures, Bone Drills (17 suppliers)
Ophthalmology Calipers (10 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Innovations International (OII), Capsular Tension Rings (4 suppliers)
Orbital Procedures, Colorado Needles (6 suppliers)
Ocular Diagnostic Laser Lenses (6 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Dye (3 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Dye is a vital dye used in staining structures in the eye to facilitate surgery. This dye is used by ophthalmologists for cataract surgery in the front of the eye as well as to visualize the internal limiting membrane (ILM) in vitreoretinal surgery.
Ophthalmic Electrophysiology, Electrooculography (2 suppliers)
Electrooculography is a technique for measuring the resting potential of the retina. The resulting signal is called the electrooculogram. The main applications are in ophthalmological diagnosis and in recording eye movements. It is used to assess the function of the pigment epithelium.
Ophthalmic Surgery Accessories, Electrosurgical Generators (5 suppliers)
Electrosurgical generator is designed for use in all fields of surgery. Electrosurgical generators are used in cutting and coagulation procedures such as sphincterotomy and polypectomy, sampling with hot forceps, and coagulation of tissue in case of bleeding. Electrosurgical generators are specifically designed to work with endotherapy accessories and it is compatible with other electrosurgical equipment.
Ophthalmological Endodiathermy Systems (2 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Epilation Forceps (53 suppliers)
Orbital Procedures, Evisceration Scoops (1 supplier)
Oculoplastic and Orbital Procedures, Exophthalmometers (6 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments, Foreign Body Retrieval Magnets (10 suppliers)
Orbital Procedures, Gelfoam (5 suppliers)
Ophthalmology Surgical Instrument Stands (29 suppliers)
Ophthalmology, Surgical Instrument Tables (26 suppliers)
Ophthalmology, Surgical Instrument Trays (85 suppliers)
Oval Cupped Intraocular Forceps (51 suppliers)
Ophthalmic Irrigating Solutions (OISs) (14 suppliers)
Ophthalmic irrigating solution is a composition comprising an aqueous phosphate-buffered balanced salt solution including glucose, an antioxidant, and ketone bodies and/or precursors. It is mainly used in ocular surgery. It is also suitable for ophthalmic topical application and general surgeries.
Ophthalmology Manual Objective Refractors (3 suppliers)
Ophthalmics Orbital Implant (4 suppliers)
Ophthalmics orbital implant insert easily into orbital socket and does not cling to surrounding tissue. Improved interconnectivity between pores enhances vascularization. Implant may be easily drilled without crumbling. It is made of the porous, strong, and non-brittle biomaterial alumina.
Orbital Implants, Sheet Implants (1 supplier)
Open valve nasal speculum (21 suppliers)
Optical Non-contact Tonometers (10 suppliers)
Optical non-contact tonometer is an instrument used to determine the intraocular pressure (IOP), the fluid pressure inside the eye. It is used in the evaluation of ocular conditions such as glaucoma as well as conditions such as phthisis bulbi, and iritis. It has the obvious advantage of not requiring contact with cornea. This minimizes the potential for corneal compromise, negates the need for anaesthesia, and in many cases is preferred by the patient. The basic operation relies upon the applanation of an area of cornea by a jet of air, which usually switched on and off at a point dictated by the quality of image of reflected light from a source on the tonometer.
Opaque Occluders (1 supplier)
Oculoplastic and Orbital Procedures Ophthalmic Loupes (5 suppliers)
Ophthalmic operating spectacles (loupes) (4 suppliers)
Ophthalmic operating spectacles (loupes) are devices that consist of convex lenses or lens systems intended to be worn by a surgeon to magnify the surgical site during ophthalmic surgery.
Ophthalmic Equipment, Screenoscopes (4 suppliers)
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