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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
First Responder Gear Bags (1 supplier)
Faucet Eyewash Stations (1 supplier)
Flexible UV Curable Resin Compounds (1 supplier)
FDA Regulatory Consultants (2 suppliers)
Fixed Site MRI Scanners (2 suppliers)
Firm Support Wool Socks (1 supplier)
Full Body Gamma Cameras (1 supplier)
Fluoroscopy Automatic Operating Table (0 suppliers)
Foot Supporter (0 suppliers)
Foot Pedal Brake (0 suppliers)
Fluoroscopy Spine Operation Device (0 suppliers)
Flexible Neck Rake Retractors (43 suppliers)
Fast Scanning confocal Microscope (26 suppliers)
Fixed Stand Magnifiers (2 suppliers)
Fixed stand magnifier is a device used for magnification. It comes in many different magnifications. It works by creating a magnified virtual image of an object behind the lens.
Flat Handle Forceps Tying Forceps (60 suppliers)
Fibre Illumination System (3 suppliers)
Fibre illumination system is a portable light source intended to provide illumination during anterior and posterior segment ophthalmic surgery. It is used to illuminate tissues during advancement into intraocular structures of the anterior and posterior segment. It consists of a splash proof sheet metal enclosure with panel mounted rocker switches for operational control, and a light output connector.
Femoral Ring Allografts (9 suppliers)
Flexible Ankle Braces (18 suppliers)
Flexible ankle brace is affixed between the shoe sole and insole. It extends upward to engage the ankle and the ends are held together by gripping material. It has two relatively rigid side supports, the outer edge portion of the lower area of the side supports, adjacent to the ankle being covered with a flexible or resilient material. The flexible resilient material is permanently secured to the side supports by bonding, mechanical interlocking, or by any other suitable arrangements.
Fixed Arthroscopes (7 suppliers)
Fixed arthroscope consists of a tiny tube, a lens, and a light source. It is inserted into a small incision and allows a surgeon to look for joint damage or disease. This device also allows the surgeon to perform reconstructive procedures on the joint.
Foot Implants, Bone Staples (4 suppliers)
Bone staples provide very effective stabilization of the joints involved without great difficulties. It is quick and easy to fit and also easy to remove. Bevel of the spikes and the splay of the staple legs provide progressive and sufficient compression.
Fiberglass Cast Boot (4 suppliers)
Fiberglass cast boot is used to treat non-infected, nonischemic plantar diabetic ulcers. It offers pressure relief and high compliance and decreases the risk of bone infection.
Fiberglass Casting Material (43 suppliers)
Free Lock Compression Hip Screws (4 suppliers)
Forearm Crutches (16 suppliers)
Forearm crutches are used in the event that one's leg or legs may be injured or unable to support weight. These are used by slipping the arm into a cuff and holding the grip. The cuff is typically made of either plastic or metal and features a V-type open
Fitness Ball (4 suppliers)
Fitness ball is basically a big, somewhat bouncy ball designed for injured patients to be able to get some aerobic conditioning. It is used by physical therapists to rehabilitate back, knee, and hip injuries. It helps to provide master core stability, bal
Folding Gym Mats (23 suppliers)
Folding gym mats are lightweight and fold into two-foot widths for easy stacking or storage. These mats are versatile and can be used as tumbling gym mats or hung on the wall for wall protection. These mats come in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and si
Fitness Exercises Weights (17 suppliers)
Femuroral Intramedullary Nails (4 suppliers)
Finger Protector Splint (12 suppliers)
Finger protector splint is used to determine size, measure the length of the affected finger. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. It is generally made of aluminum material.
Foot Implants Foot Fragment Sets (3 suppliers)
Flat Foot Prosthesis Fragment Sets (13 suppliers)
Flat foot prosthesis is appropriate to perform the function of a bone implant in the calcaneus. It is designed to act as a stop and axis, and therefore has a polished surface as is required in a friction zone. It is made of stainless steel and is available in various sizes and thread lengths. Fragement sets consist of a comprehensive range of integrated implants and instruments including basic, small, mini, pelvic, and foot sets. These sets include an extensive range of high quality implants, including all necessary screws and specialist plates.
Flexible Foot Switching (1 supplier)
Flexible foot switch is a true membrane switch designed to detect gait events in ambulatory subjects. It consists of a durable 25mm diameter membrane switch with a 15mm sensor area on a 100mm flexible tail. The entire switch sensor is only 1mm thick and responds reliably to pressure applied anywhere in the sensor area.
Flexible Lateral Hip Supports (6 suppliers)
Flexible lateral hip supports provide additional stability at the hip joints for improved upright standing alignment.
Foot Implants, Mini Lag Screw Systems (1 supplier)
Mini lag screw systems are used for small bone osteotomies, fractures and fusions. It features two simplified screw sizes in one compact tray. Both screw sizes utilize one unique set of instrumentation. These lag screws are both self-drilling and self-tapping resulting in reduced operative time while ensuring superior fixation.
Femoral Prosthesis (10 suppliers)
Femoral prosthesis provides a realistic alternative to amputation or disarticulation. It is suitable for replacing the engagement surfaces between the patella and the femur. It is configured to cover the trochlear groove and extends into the intercondylar notch without extending onto the articulating surfaces of the condyles.
Foot Prosthesis (17 suppliers)
Foot prosthesis is utilized for amputations or congenital absences of the foot and/or toes below the ankle. It requires two laminations and incorporates the foot shell between the two. This permanently bonds the foot shell to the socket and produces an elastic, resistive toe lever.
Finger Prosthesis (5 suppliers)
Finger prosthesis artificially restores structures congenitally absent or lost to trauma or disease. This prosthesis restores symmetry to the hands, and by restoring length, allows for digital manipulation. This may provide opposition to a remaining mobile thumb or finger(s).
Femur Prosthesis (1 supplier)
Femur prosthesis is a useful implant for patients with extensive bone loss at revision arthroplasty. It replaces the entire femur as well as the hip and knee joint, connecting both with a titanium femur.
Fitness Stationary Cycle (2 suppliers)
First Aid and Protective Gear Tape Removers (20 suppliers)
Folding Walkers (68 suppliers)
Folding walkers are designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. It is generally made of aluminum materials. It can also be made of plastic. This frame walker has ergonomic handgrips shaped for arthritic hands.
Flonase Nasal Spray (1 supplier)
Flonase nasal spray is a remedy for the stuffy, runny, itchy nose that plagues many allergy-sufferers. It can be used either for seasonal attacks of hay fever or for year-round allergic conditions. Flonase is a steroid medication. It works by relieving inflammation within the nasal passages.
Flixonase Aqueous Nasal Spray (2 suppliers)
Fluticasone Nasal Spray (1 supplier)
Fluticasone nasal spray is used to treat the symptoms of seasonal, and perennial allergic rhinitis and perennial nonallergic rhinitis. These symptoms include sneezing and stuffy, runny, or itchy nose. It works by preventing and decreasing inflammation in the nose. It comes as a liquid to spray in the nose.
Fabric Leg Bag (24 suppliers)
Flexible Biopsy Forceps (74 suppliers)
Flexible Cystoscopes (11 suppliers)
The flexible cystoscope is suitable for use in both diagnostics and therapy. It is ideal for office and outpatient use.
Flexible Video Cystoscopes (8 suppliers)
The flexible video cystoscope is used for visualizing body cavities and organs via natural and surgically generated passages. It is used for examination, diagnosis and/or therapy in conjunction with endoscopic accessories/auxiliary instruments through the scope's working channel. The scope is used in the medical disciplines of urology and surgery.
Fiberoptic Cystoscopes (8 suppliers)
Fiberoptic cystoscope is a procedure that uses a flexible fiber optic scope inserted through the urethra into the urinary bladder. The physician fills the bladder with water and inspects the interior of the bladder. The image seen through the cystoscope may also be viewed on a color monitor and recorded on videotape for later evaluation.
Flexible Rat-Tooth Grasping Forceps (53 suppliers)
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