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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Horizontal Scissors (58 suppliers)
Hypoxia Incubator Chamber (2 suppliers)
Hypoxia incubator chamber utilizes a surface-type seal where all portions of the O-ring are uniformly compressed by a stainless steel ring clamp for a reliable air-tight seal. The cylindrical walls and semi-spherical top and bottom provide minimum gas flow resistance and no inherent dead space during initial purging. The chambers have an integrated stacking feature for storage during or after experimentation. All units are molded from high quality polycarbonate.
Hand-held Microkeratome (1 supplier)
Hand-held microkeratome is a surgical device that houses a metal blade that cuts across the cornea to create the flap. It is mainly used in creating LASIK corneal flaps.
Hansatome Microkeratome (1 supplier)
Hansatome microkeratome is a high-precision instrument, which the surgeon uses for the first stage of the operation to create the flap under which the laser operates. It is an automated tool, which effectively minimizes any wrinkling of the flap by lid movements. During the LASIK procedure, Hansatome's gentle suction ring creates suction gradually, minimizing discomfort to the patient.
Human Eye Model (7 suppliers)
Human eye model is a large plastic model to show the anatomy of the human eye and to help to explain the functions of its parts. This realistic, brightly colored model of the human eye demonstrates the parts and features of a human eye. This allows the ophthalmic practitioner to explain and discuss any eye related issues with their patients.
Hand-held Pupillometers (2 suppliers)
Hand-held pupillometers are accurate, easy to use pupillometers for refractive surgery planning. It is used to measure pupil size and dynamics. It can be used for either a static pupil measurement protocol as well as a dynamic pupil measurement protocol. It is an essential part of the evaluation, screening, and refractive surgery planning process.
Halogen Retinoscope Sets (3 suppliers)
Halogen retinoscope set has an external focusing sleeve that's easy to grip and easy to manipulate. Its brighter halogen light provides true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. The crossed-linear polarizing filter eliminates glare from trial lenses for easier exams. It has magnetic age-appropriate targets for dynamic retinoscopy. It allows easy one-hand operation for spot focus and 360° spot rotation.
Halogen Ophthalmo-Retinoscope Set (2 suppliers)
Hypotonic saline Solution (1 supplier)
Hypotonic saline solution consists of water and sodium chloride in an amount no more than 0.9 percent of the weight of the water.
Holmium Laser thermokeratoplasty (4 suppliers)
Holmium laser thermokeratoplasty are used for the reversal of hyperopia after myopic photorefractive keratectomy.
Hand-held Trephines (4 suppliers)
Half Eye Trial Frame (2 suppliers)
Half eye trial frame is separately available for child as well as adult. The child trial frame holds three pairs of 38mm lenses with adjustable PD from 54 to 58mm fixed bridge. The adult trial frame holds three pairs of 38mm lenses with adjustable PD from 59 to 67mm fixed bridge. The sides are adjustable for length.
Hexon Illumination System (1 supplier)
Hip Replacements, Acetabular Liners (6 suppliers)
Hip replacements, Acetabular liners are designed to increase the range of motion and decrease the possibility of impingement in total hip arthroplasty. This objective is achieved by increasing the chamfer around the inner diameter of the liner, allowing for a greater range of motion while providing the necessary femoral head component coverage.
Hindfoot Arthrodesis Nails (2 suppliers)
Hindfoot arthrodesis nail is intended to facilitate tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis to treat severe foot/ankle deformity, arthritis, instability, and skeletal defects after tumor resection. It is ideal for neuro-osteoarthropathy, avascular necrosis of the talus, failed joint replacement, failed ankle fusion, distal tibia fracture non-unions, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and pseudoarthrosis.
Head Cervicothoracic Orthoses (4 suppliers)
Hand Wrist Implants, CMC and IP Joint Implants (6 suppliers)
Hinged External Fixate For Elbow (3 suppliers)
Hand Implants Fracture Hardware (3 suppliers)
Hand Surgical Instruments Hand Instrument Sets (9 suppliers)
Hand instrument set is ideal for basic surgery procedures. It consists of scissors, forceps, dilators, clamps, and instrument beaker.
Hip/Groin Supports (2 suppliers)
Hip/Groin support is ideal for use with painful hip conditions where both mobility and stability are required. It is suitable for groin, hamstring, or quad pulls, as well as hip pointers or bruises.
Heat Therapy Kits (7 suppliers)
Heat Therapy Kits are designed to provide safe and effective treatment for injuries with maximum comfort and convenience. By increasing the temperature in selected areas of the body, heat therapy kits enhance blood circulation and help to relax sore muscles, reducing stiffness and increasing mobility.
Humeral Intra Medullary Nails (2 suppliers)
Humeral Shin Splints (33 suppliers)
Hydroxyapatite Coated Implants (9 suppliers)
Hydroxyapatite coated implants are designed to accelerate integration between the implant surface and jawbone to achieve excellent osseointegration.
Hinged knee Brace (16 suppliers)
Hinged knee brace is used for the support of mild instabilities of the knee, such as for MCL tears, LCL tears, and mild ACL instability. It can provide support to people with patella problems.
Hand Implants MP and PIP Joint Implants (5 suppliers)
Hand implants MP and PIP joint implants are indicated for cementless replacement of the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints, respectively, where disabled by rheumatoid, degenerative, or traumatic arthritis. It is inserted into metacarpals or the phalanx, by settling the implant into place against the cut bone.
Hydraulic Patient Lifter (51 suppliers)
Hydraulic patient lifter makes transport situations safe and affordable for patients. It is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves. Its features include a padded swivel bar and push handle, durable chrome-plated construction, and 360 degrees patient rotation without side-to-side way.
Hip Prosthesis (11 suppliers)
Hip prosthesis is composed of two components including the femoral (thighbone) component and the cup component. The cup is implanted into the acetabulum. Acetabulum is the anatomic name of the hip socket in the pelvic bone. The femoral component consists of a long metal stem. The lower part is placed into the marrow cavity of the femoral (thigh) bone.
Hand Prosthesis (7 suppliers)
Hand prosthesis is utilized for amputations or congenital absences of the hand or fingers below the wrist. It is used to replace a lost human hand on a human or artificial lower arm.
Hand and Thumb Splints (47 suppliers)
Hand Based Thumb splints (35 suppliers)
Hand based thumb splints are designed for use with individuals with thumb or hand disabilities. It supports and limits the motion of the thumb joints. It also comfortably supports the wrist and prevents rotation.
Herbal Lozenges (10 suppliers)
Herbal lozenges are generally made organic brown rice syrup, making these lozenges free from simple or refined sugars. It contains no cane sugar, sorbitol or artificial sweeteners. It relieves the soreness and discomfort of mouth and throat infections.
Herbal Throat Spray (2 suppliers)
Herbal throat spray specifically addresses tickles, soreness, dryness, and irritation of the throat and vocal apparatus. It is also a bronchio-dilator to warm the lungs and increase oxygen uptake. It is a strong respiratory anti-viral and anti-bacterial spray, which stimulates immunity.
Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories (152 suppliers)
Heel Pads (10 suppliers)
Heel pads are especially designed for the treatment of heel pain associated with a bony spur under the heel bone. It has a special cushioning gel in the middle, which takes the stress off the underside of the heel and help to relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.
Hawkins Blunt Needle (6 suppliers)
Hawkins Blunt Needle permits location and identification of the reference plane during the prostate seed implant procedure. There are two needle stylets such as sharp stylet for insertion & positioning and a blunt stylet to avoid damage at the prostate / bladder interface.
High Energy Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy (2 suppliers)
High Energy Transurethral Microwave Thermotherapy is a thermoablative treatment for benign prostatic obstruction.
Hydrophilic Personal Catheter Pediatric (2 suppliers)
Helical Stone Extractors (22 suppliers)
Helical Stone Extractors are used for stone manipulation and removal in the urinary tract.
Home Uroflowmetry System (1 supplier)
Hepatitis Assays (2 suppliers)
Height Measures & Rods (1 supplier)
Handicap Van Conversions (5 suppliers)
Handicap Accessible Ramp Vans (10 suppliers)
Hernia Aid (5 suppliers)
Hernia Aid is designed for the external control of inguinal hernia that is diagnosed by a physician. Hernia Aid provides support and comfort for reducible inguinal hernia.
Hospital Services (6 suppliers)
Humidification System (20 suppliers)
Heated Humidifiers (22 suppliers)
Heated Humidifiers are designed to accept an electrically insulated heated wire, which is used in breathing circuits to prevent condensation of the humidified gases and enhance humidification. Heated humidifiers require actively heated delivery tubes.
Humidification, Temperature Probes (15 suppliers)
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