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MEDICAL products beginning with : V
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Vitrectomy Lens Set (6 suppliers)
Volumetric Flask (8 suppliers)
Vena Cava Filters (8 suppliers)
Vessel Cannulation Forceps (4 suppliers)
Videokymographic Camera (1 supplier)
Voice Instruments (2 suppliers)
Voice diagnostics in a New Perspective (1 supplier)
Voice Instruments, Electroglottograph (1 supplier)
Varicella Zoster Virus Real Time PCR Kit (1 supplier)
Vitrectomy Contact Lenses (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Trephine (2 suppliers)
Vision Monitor (1 supplier)
Visioboard Gaze Communication System (1 supplier)
Vacuum Extractor Bird Type (1 supplier)
Vasectomy Surgical Kits (1 supplier)
Vernier Acuity Cards (1 supplier)
Vision Testing, ETDRS Visual Acuity Charts (11 suppliers)
Visual Field Analyzers, Kinetic Perimetery (5 suppliers)
Visual field analyzer, kinetic perimetery is the systematic measurement of differential light sensitivity in the visual field by the detection of the presence of test targets on a defined background. It uses a mobile stimulus moved by a perimetrist. It is useful for mapping visual field sensitivity boundaries.
Vision Testing, Near Visual Acuity Charts (14 suppliers)
Vision Testing OptoKinetic Nystagmus Drum (3 suppliers)
Vitreoretinal Surgery, Radiation Plaques (3 suppliers)
Vitreoretinal surgery, Radiation plaque is a device used in eye-sparing treatment for choroidal melanoma. It can be used to deliver a high dose of radiation to an intraocular tumor. It is a small, gold covered, dish-shaped device that contains a radioactive source. It contains rice-sized radiation seeds that emit low energy photons. The gold coat of the plaque helps to aim the radiation photons directly at the tumor and decrease radiation damage to surrounding tissues.
Vitreoretinal Surgery, Retinal Instruments (6 suppliers)
Vision Testing, Screenoscopes (1 supplier)
Vision testing, Screenoscopes provide fast, accurate, and reliable tests of a wide variety of visual performances. This optical system duplicates conditions for viewing far point test charts at 5 meters (16') and provides conditions for near point test charts at 30cm (12″).
Visual Field Analyzers, Standard Static Perimetry (9 suppliers)
Visual field analyzers, Standard static perimetry involves the presentation of stimuli to one spot of the retina in increasing levels of intensity until the stimulus is seen. This method is good for determining the sensitivity of the visual field in a particular area of interest on the retina.
Vitreoretinal Micro Instruments (4 suppliers)
Visual stimuli - tumbling E (3 suppliers)
Vannas straight capsulotomy flat handle scissors (55 suppliers)
Vision Testing, Visual Acuity Systems (8 suppliers)
Visual Acuity - Software (3 suppliers)
Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) (7 suppliers)
Visual Fault Locator (1 supplier)
Vitreoretinal Surgery, Vitreoretinal Illumination Systems (2 suppliers)
Vitreoretinal surgery, Vitreoretinal illumination system provides the bright, white illumination used for vitreoretinal surgery. It utilizes a metal halide discharge lamp, which is a more efficient source of high quality illumination. This exceptional illumination quality provides a color consistency, which is well suited for vitreoretinal surgery. It has also responded to clinical concerns regarding minimizing the incidence of phototoxicity, especially when surgical conditions dictate working close to the retina.
Verbal Commands Software Solutions (1 supplier)
Virtual Reality Ophthalmosurgical Training (1 supplier)
Video Arthroscopes (7 suppliers)
Video arthroscopes are specially designed to utilize a compact miniature CCD chip type of color video camera for high resolution and high light sensitivity.Disposable sterile plastic housing is provided for the camera. Prior to the arthroscopic procedure, the camera is placed in the sterile plastic housing, and is connected through a sterile electric cord to an electronic control unit. A gas sterilized adapter is attached to the front end of the camera, and the adapter is plugged into an arthroscopic mounting bracket.
vacuum Bone Cement Mixing Systems (16 suppliers)
Vacuum bone cement mixing systems consist of a bowl, an attachable/detachable lid, and a handle extending from the bowl. The bowl incorporates a bone cement vapor removal system that allows the extraction of bone cement vapors or fumes even after the lid is detached from the bowl. The vapor removal system is coupled to a vacuum source. The handle is ergonomically shaped and incorporates vacuum tubing that couples the bone cement vapor removal system of the bowl with the vacuum source.
versatile foot Switching (1 supplier)
Vagal Nerve Stimulators (5 suppliers)
Vagal nerve stimulator is a device generally used in patients with intractable epilepsy. It is about the size of a hockey puck, which is placed in the chest in a manner similar to a pacemaker for the heart. The surgeon then wraps its lead wires around the vagus nerve to stimulate the vagus nerve.
Viscoelastic Heel Cups (1 supplier)
Viscoelastic heel cups are shoe inserts that help in reducing the pain associated with heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis. These cups are made from soft silicone that optimizes shock absorption and weight distribution with a soft center that relieves pressure over the heel and forefoot area.
Virtual Radiotherapy Simulator (10 suppliers)
Vented Urinary Leg Bag System (22 suppliers)
Vented urinary leg bag system contains vented leg bag, extension tubing with vacuum relief valve and medium fabric leg bag straps. It has sterile fluid pathway.
Vaginal Needle Suspension (2 suppliers)
Vaginal pessaries (4 suppliers)
Vaginal Pessary is a removable device placed into the vagina. It is designed to support areas of pelvic organ prolapse. Vaginal pessary is a small device, which is inserted into the vagina to hold the prolapsed organ in place. Pessaries are made of latex or silicone.
Visual Urethrotome (1 supplier)
Visual Urethrotome is inserted to locate the distal end of the disrupted urethra.
Vaccine Carrying Bags (1 supplier)
Vacutainers (2 suppliers)
Vascular ABI Ultrasound Dopplers (2 suppliers)
Video Printers (3 suppliers)
Video Paper (1 supplier)
Video Film (2 suppliers)
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