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MEDICAL products beginning with : V
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Vinyl Laboratory Tubing (1 supplier)
Vacuum Rubber Tubing (1 supplier)
Vestibular Balance Center (2 suppliers)
Vestibular balance center provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance.
VisualEyes r Binocular Goggles (1 supplier)
VisualEyes r Goggle and Camera (1 supplier)
VisualEyes & goggle and camera is designed for the observation of eye movements during dix-hallpike maneuvers, canalith repositioning procedures and vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
Vestibular Ocular Reflex Test Kit (2 suppliers)
Visual Field Instrument (2 suppliers)
Video Colposcope With Vertical Stand (3 suppliers)
Video colposcope with vertical stand is a fully self-contained, stand-alone unit that incorporates light, power, and video into a unique, compact system. It provides high-resolution video imaging more convenient, affordable, and satisfying for both the patient and the physician.
Video Colposcope With Swing Arm (2 suppliers)
Video colposcope with swing arm is a fully self-contained, stand-alone unit that incorporates light, power, and video into a unique, compact system. It allows diagnostic accuracy. It creates high-resolution images because it has no couplers or beam splitters to degrade the image quality or field of view. It provides white, bright light for true color rendition with no light loss at any magnification.
Vaginal Specula Illumination System (1 supplier)
Velvet Condolence Book (1 supplier)
Visual Nurse Call System (34 suppliers)
Visual nurse call system is designed to meet patient call needs. In hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, day surgery centers, and special procedure outpatient facilities, the visual nurse call system provides the audible and visual signaling to fulfill patient and staff needs. It is very easy to use for both patients and staff.
Vacuum Pump With Mushroom Cup (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Pump With Bell Cup (3 suppliers)
Vacuum Pump Accessories, Tubing and Filter (1 supplier)
Vena Cava Clamp (3 suppliers)
Vascular Dilator (10 suppliers)
Vaginal Spatulas (3 suppliers)
Vaginal Spatulas are used to analyze maternal and neonatal morbidity associated with instrumental delivery. It includes a flat manipulating stem with an endocervical sampling head at one end and a broad vaginal sampling head at the other end. The endocervical head includes a wedge shaped forward protuberance adapted for insertion into the endocervical canal.
Vaginal Specula (37 suppliers)
Vaginal specula consist of a hollow cylinder with a rounded end that is divided into two hinged parts like the beak of a duck. A speculum is a medical tool for investigating body cavities. This speculum is inserted into the vagina to dilate it for examination of the vagina and cervix. These are used for anal surgery, although several other forms of anal specula exist.
Vulsellum Forceps (6 suppliers)
Vented Vial Access Device (1 supplier)
Vinyl Catheters (2 suppliers)
Vinyl catheter is sterile, touchless and designed for comfortable intermittent catheterization. It is suitable for patients requiring a rigid catheter. It minimizes urological discomfort.
Vascular Lesion Removal Lasers (8 suppliers)
Vascular lesion removal lasers are used to remove the vascular lesions present in the skin. Problems such as tiny blood vessels that develop from sun exposure, hemangiomas or conditions like rosacea (an entity partly characterized by blood vessels) can be improved or eradicated without scarring. Medical conditions that were once impossible to treat, such as port-wine stain hemangiomas, which are flat vascular patches present since birth, may now be substantially improved or even completely eliminated. Blood vessels of the legs, sometimes known as spider veins, can also be greatly improved or even made to disappear. The laser treats very small blood vessels most effectively and dermatologic conditions improved by the vascular laser include scars and stretch marks. Reddish, elevated, and itchy scars can be made less red, flatter, and less bothersome by treatment with the proper laser. Thay can be appropriately used for the soles of the feet, where recalcitrant warts can occur.
Vision Testing Projector Slides (2 suppliers)
Vertical Automatic Autoclave (3 suppliers)
Vibration Applicator (4 suppliers)
Vibrating Massagers, Vibrating Nukkles (1 supplier)
Vibrating Massagers, Pen Point Massager (1 supplier)
Vibrating Massagers, Vibrating Bath Pillow (5 suppliers)
Vibrating Massagers, Vibrating Finger Massager (3 suppliers)
Vibrating Massagers, Tingling Scalp Massager (1 supplier)
Vibrating Massagers, Eye massager (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Therapy Kits (1 supplier)
Vapor - ozone appliance (1 supplier)
Visco Ankle Support (40 suppliers)
Vertebra Spreader (3 suppliers)
Vertebral Body Biopsy Kit (5 suppliers)
Ventriculostomy Kit (1 supplier)
Video Systems (25 suppliers)
Ventilators & Respiratory Therapy Devices (33 suppliers)
Vertical Lift Tables (25 suppliers)
Videofluoroscopy Devices (4 suppliers)
A Videofluoroscopy device have a vertical housing and a c-arm supporting an x-ray device. The vertical housing encloses a first channel wherein a center screw is mounted. The center screw engages a mounting block having a threaded aperture formed therein, the mounting block being attached to the c-arm. A motor engaging the center screw turns the center screw in reversible directions thereby causing the center screw to communicate with the c-arm and moving the c-arm along a longitudinal axis to record a real time video x-ray image of a patient. A video monitor and video tape recorder are connected to the x-ray device by a video cable.
Vibrotactile Devices (16 suppliers)
Vestibular Testing Kits (39 suppliers)
Ventilators (40 suppliers)
Van Lifts & Transfer Devices (9 suppliers)
Vertebroplasty Implants (6 suppliers)
Viewing Devices (4 suppliers)
Vocational Work Simulators (4 suppliers)
Vocational Work Hardening Kits (4 suppliers)
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