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MEDICAL products beginning with : M
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Microscope Accessories, Tungsten Bulb (3 suppliers)
Microscope Accessories, Fluorescent Bulb (6 suppliers)
Microscope Accessories, Immersion Oil (6 suppliers)
Microscope Accessories, Lens Paper (5 suppliers)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Spirogyra (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Paramecium Caudatum (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Euglena (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Aspergillus (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Amoeba Proteus (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Hydra (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Allium Root Tip Mitosis (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Human, Blood Smear (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Voluntary Muscle (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Bird Feather (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Bee Leg (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Butterfly Mouth Parts (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, House Fly Wing (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Aphis (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Honey Bee Mouth Parts (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Planerian (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Daphnia (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Trachurus Trichiura (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Single Cell (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Mosquito Larva (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Fish Scales (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Insect Compound Eye (1 supplier)
Microscope Prepared Slides, Paramecium Division (1 supplier)
Medicine Cups (32 suppliers)
Micro Forceps Round Handle (1 supplier)
Micro Scissors Flat Handle (1 supplier)
Modular Laparoscopic Instruments (10 suppliers)
Micro Bone Curettes (3 suppliers)
Micro Scissors (18 suppliers)
Micro Scissors Straight (4 suppliers)
Micro Needle Holder Round Handle (135 suppliers)
Micro Forceps Straight (4 suppliers)
Microinjection Needles (4 suppliers)
Micro-aspiration Cannulae (1 supplier)
Micro Suture Tying Forceps (2 suppliers)
Micro Cup Forceps (3 suppliers)
Micro Lumbar Discectomy (1 supplier)
Micro Surgical Instruments (18 suppliers)
Masks & Breathing Bags (21 suppliers)
Medical Humidifiers (26 suppliers)
Medical humidifier is disclosed for a respiratory flow path connected directly to the airway of a patient, through which life-supporting air can be channeled. It comprises a compact nest of discrete, elongated air transmitting hollow relatively large bore, relatively thin wall fibers connected in parallel by inlet and outlet connections and having walls of substance permeable to water vapor and impermeable under operating conditions to liquid water. A relatively negative-pressure water-filled chamber surrounds the effective length of the fibers. The fibers are adapted to divide dry inhalation air for a patient which enters said inlet connection into a series of air-flow filaments for humidification by water vapor that permeates the wall of the fibers from the surrounding relatively negative-pressure water. The fibers are provided in size and number sufficient to freely pass under normal air-flow conditions an aggregate air-flow volume corresponding to the life-supporting need of the patient, and to provide effective fiber surface area sized to pass water vapor sufficient to humidify air at normal flow rates substantially to saturation from said relatively negative-pressure water heated to about body temperature. The outlet connection is arranged to collect the thus humidified filaments of air and direct the unified flow into the patient, whereby the medical humidifier can provide full humidification of air directed into a patient in a practical, failsafe, low flow resistance compact unit that can be disposable.
Medical Pumps, Dispensers (5 suppliers)
Medical Thermometers (39 suppliers)
Generally, Medical thermometers are mercury-in-glass thermometers used for measuring human body temperature, with the tip of the thermometer being inserted either into the mouth (oral temperature), under the armpit or into the rectum via the anus (rectal temperature). The mercury filled medical thermometers consist of a bulb containing mercury attached to a small tube. As the temperature rises, the mercury expands and flows up the tube. The temperature is obtained by reading the scale inscribed on the side of the thermometers. Other kinds of medical thermometers exist such as the tympanic thermometer that measures the temperature of the tympanum by infrared measurement, and the band thermometer that are applied to the patient's brow.
Menstruation Regulation Kits (1 supplier)
Midwife Equipment or Kits (1 supplier)
Maintenance & Repair (30 suppliers)
Massage Apparatus (13 suppliers)
Massage apparatus consists of a vibrator device in operative association with a remote controller for remote operation of the vibrator device is disclosed. The remote controller comprises a controller body having a control panel that remotely controls the operation of the vibrator device and a signal transmitter for transmitting a radio frequency signal having a predefined protocol to a signal receiver operatively associated with the vibrator device for controlling the operation of the vibrator device.
551 to 600 of 3110 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 [12] 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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