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MEDICAL products beginning with : V
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 PRODUCT NAMEFDA Code/Regulation 
Vaginal pH and Amine Test Kits (3 suppliers)
VR Ophthalmosurgical Training (1 supplier)
Vectographic Slides (2 suppliers)
Vectographic Slides are used for many years to test for monocular acuity under binocular conditions, axis of astigmatism of each eye under binocular conditions, acuity & accommodative balance between the right and left eyes, binocular instability, parity between monocular & binocular acuity, muscle balance, fixation disparity and stereo acuity. Vectographic slides provide the ability to conduct a wide variety of tests for both children and adults including astigmatic tests, acuity tests, muscle balance tests and stereopsis tests.
Vectorgrams (1 supplier)
Visual Testing Systems (7 suppliers)
Viral Quality Control (1 supplier)
Vibratory Microtome Aids (5 suppliers)
Vacuum Line Protection Filters (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Manifold Aids (4 suppliers)
Vacuum Manifolds (13 suppliers)
Vacuum Pumps (23 suppliers)
Vacuum Pumps provide sub-atmospheric pressure for a variety of industrial and scientific applications. Vacuum pumps are of different types such as mechanical, ultrahigh vacuum and venturi jet. High vacuum pumps are utilized in thin film and semiconductor fabrication processes. Its application includes analytical & scientific, chemical, corrosive gas, food processing, manufacturing processing, medical & laboratory, packaging, power generation, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing.
Vacuum Systems (36 suppliers)
Vortexer Aids (1 supplier)
Vortexers (4 suppliers)
Vertical Electrophorese Cells & Blotters (2 suppliers)
Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) Autoantibody (1 supplier)
Voltage Dependent Calcium Channels are a group of voltage-gated ion channel found in excitable cells with a permeability to the ion Ca2+, which plays a role in the membrane potential. These are involved in the release of neurotransmitters & hormones, muscular contraction, excitability of neurons and gene expression.
Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Test Kits (2 suppliers)
Vacuum Therapy Systems (7 suppliers)
Vasectomy Ringed Forceps (2 suppliers)
Vasectomy Hemostats (2 suppliers)
Vertical Microscissors (6 suppliers)
Vertical Microscissors are used for peeling and cutting fine epiretinal membranes. It features rounded lower edge scissors blade, which minimizes unintentional engagement of retina.
Volumetric Infusion Pumps (79 suppliers)
Volumetric Infusion Pump is a medical device that delivers intravenous fluids and medicine to patients in hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, hospices, nursing homes and in ambulances. It is used throughout the hospital, including in the emergency room, the I.C.U. and in pediatric units.
Vital Sign Monitors (40 suppliers)
Vital sign monitor feature large color LEDs for numeric display, high resolution LCD for tabular trends & SpO2 waveform display, adjustable audible & visual alarms and central station networking. Vital sign monitors are used for measuring ECG readings, respiration, temperature and oximetry. It is designed for the 60+ groups.
Vitreoretinal Illumination Systems (2 suppliers)
Vascular Imaging Probes (6 suppliers)
Vaginal & Cervical Specula (16 suppliers)
Cervical specula consists of tubes or bi-valve instruments, mounted on shanks, or handles, of sufficient length to admit of introduction through or by means of a vaginal speculum. They are little employed except as a shield to prevent instrumental injury to the cervix, or misapplication of caustics intended for points within the fundus. Vaginal specula are used to spread, retract or dilate the vagina, either for purposes of examination or for treatment. It is also used for anal surgery, although several other forms of anal specula exist. One common form, the sigmoidoscope, resembles a tube that has a removable bullet shaped insert. When the speculum is inserted into the rectum, the insert dilates the rectum to the diameter of the tube. The insert is then removed, leaving the tube to allow examination of the rectum.
Videopath (3 suppliers)
Vinyl N/S & Sterile Powder Free Gloves (20 suppliers)
Vitamins (60 suppliers)
Vitamins are organic compounds. It is required in small amounts for essential metabolic reactions in a living organism. The term vitamin does not include other essential nutrients such as dietary minerals, essential fatty acids, or essential amino acids, nor does it encompass the large number of other nutrients that promote health but that are not essential for life. These are bio-molecules that act both as catalysts and substrates in chemical reactions. When acting as a catalyst, vitamins are bound to enzymes and are called cofactors.
Vitamins & Minerals (Pediatric/Adult) (75 suppliers)
ventricular tachyarrhythmia therapy Device (1 supplier)
Ventricular straight passive fixation (1 supplier)
Ventricular pigtail diagnostic catheter (1 supplier)
Vascular Surgery Adjunctive Equipment, Tunnelers (2 suppliers)
Vascular Grafts Configured For Pediatric Shunts (2 suppliers)
Venous Catheter (3 suppliers)
Vascular Catheter (6 suppliers)
A vascular catheter contains a catheter body, which is made up of an inner tube formed of a metal or an alloy, and an outer tube formed of a synthetic resin covering the outside surface of the inner tube. The inner tube has one or more spiral slits in the distal end portion. A vascular dilatation instrument includes an inner tube, an outer tube disposed coaxially around the inner tube, and an inflatable member having one end attached to the inner tube and another end attached to the outer tube.
vacuator Kits With Flat Drains (5 suppliers)
Video Monitors (2 suppliers)
Video Choledoco-Nephroscope (1 supplier)
Vicryl Sutures (6 suppliers)
Vicryl suture is a synthetic absorbable sterile surgical suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide. It is used in general soft tissue approximation and ligation including the ophthalmic procedures.
Vital Signs Blood Pressure Monitors (34 suppliers)
Vital Sign Monitoring Devices (18 suppliers)
Vital Signs Tracking Software (1 supplier)
Vitamin D3 Metabolite (3 suppliers)
Vitamin B12 Testing Kit (1 supplier)
Vented Enclosure Cabinets (22 suppliers)
Vacuum Blotting System (1 supplier)
Vetautoread Hematology Analyzer (1 supplier)
VetAutoread Hematology Analyzer offers immediate information to allow rapid in-house diagnoses, thorough screening, preanesthetic testing and general health checkups in-house.
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood (4 suppliers)
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood includes seamless hood, which features radius corners for easy cleaning & full visibility and lightweight design & small footprint allow convenient benchtop positioning. It is ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech applications that require frequent wipe-down.
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