Camp Scandinavia Ab

Contact: Carol Hiemstra-Paez
Address: 38 Karbingatan, Helsingborg SE-254 67, Sweden
Phone: +46-(42)-252700 | Fax: +46-(42)-252725 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Camp Scandinavia Ab specializes in the production of orthopedic products. Our product line comprises of Toeoff® family, Combo, Kiddiegait ™, C.H.E.C.K™, S.W.A.S.H®, Kid-Dee-Lite™, Yoke™, X-Lite®, 3D-Lite™ and 3D-safe™ products. Our Combo provides functional orthotic solution for the management of genu-recurvatum combined with footdrop. We supply C.H.E.C.K™ that reduces the amount of pressure required on the femur and tibia to control hyperextension, and making the orthosis better tolerated by the patient. Our Kid-Dee-Lite™ enables dynamic treatment of a child's foot and provides range of motion adjustment to mobilize the foot naturally. Our Yoke™ is used to reduce pressure on supporting anatomical structures when using orthotic management to unload or stabilize the shoulder. We produce X-Lite® that comprises casting rolls for easy application of cylindrical casts that are a patient friendly alternative to fiberglass. Our 3D-Lite™ is a low temperature thermoplastic equipment for customer bracing.

FDA Registration Number: 8030901
US Agent: Carol Hiemstra-paez / Allard Usa Inc
Phone: +1-(973)-983-6000  Fax: +1-(973)-664-1782  E-Mail:

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• Abdominal Muscle Toners
• Abdominal Orthosis (FDA Code: KTD / 890.3490)
A truncal orthosis is a device intended for medical purposes to support or to immobilize fractures, strains, or sprains of the neck or trunk of the body. Examples of truncal orthoses are the following: Abdominal, cervical, cervical-thoracic, lumbar, lumbo-sacral, rib fracture, sacroiliac, and thoracic orthoses and clavicle splints.
• Adhesive Foam Discs
• Arm Slings (FDA Code: ILI / 890.3640)
An arm sling is a device intended for medical purposes to immobilize the arm, by means of a fabric band suspended from around the neck.
• Cast Bandage (FDA Code: ITG / 890.3025)
A prosthetic and orthotic accessory is a device intended for medical purposes to support, protect, or aid in the use of a cast, orthosis (brace), or prosthesis. Examples of prosthetic and orthotic accessories include the following: A pelvic support band and belt, a cast shoe, a cast bandage, a limb cover, a prosthesis alignment device, a postsurgical pylon, a transverse rotator, and a temporary training splint.
• Cast Component (FDA Code: LGF / 888.5940)
A cast component is a device intended for medical purposes to protect or support a cast. This generic type of device includes the cast heel, toe cap, cast support, and walking iron.
• Cervical Orthosis (FDA Code: IQK / 890.3490)
• Cervical Thoracic Orthosis (FDA Code: IPT / 890.3490)
• Clavicle Splint (FDA Code: IQJ / 890.3490)
• Congenital Hip Dislocation Abduction Splint (FDA Code: IOZ / 890.3665)
A congenital hip dislocation abduction splint is a device intended for medical purposes to stabilize the hips of a young child with dislocated hips in an abducted position (away from the midline).
• External Ankle Brace (FDA Code: ITW / 890.3475)
A limb orthosis (brace) is a device intended for medical purposes that is worn on the upper or lower extremities to support, to correct, or to prevent deformities or to align body structures for functional improvement. Examples of limb orthoses include the following: A whole limb and joint brace, a hand splint, an elastic stocking, a knee cage, and a corrective shoe.
• External Brace Hip Joint (FDA Code: ITS / 890.3475)
• External Brace Knee Joint (FDA Code: ITQ / 890.3475)
• External Inflatable Extremity Splint (FDA Code: FZF / 878.3900)
An inflatable extremity splint is a device intended to be inflated to immobilize a limb or an extremity.
• Hand Splint and Component (FDA Code: ILH / 890.3475)
• Hip Abduction Orthosis
• Limb Brace Orthosis (FDA Code: IQI / 890.3475)
• Lumbar Orthosis, Brace (FDA Code: IQE / 890.3490)
• Lumbosacral Orthosis (FDA Code: IPY / 890.3490)
• Non-Invasive Traction Component (FDA Code: KQZ / 888.5890)
A noninvasive traction component is a device, such as a head halter, pelvic belt, or a traction splint, that does not penetrate the skin and is intended to assist in connecting a patient to a traction apparatus so that a therapeutic pulling force may be applied to the patient's body.
• Non-Powered Traction Apparatus (FDA Code: HST / 888.5850)
A nonpowered orthopedic traction apparatus is a device that consists of a rigid frame with nonpowered traction accessories, such as cords, pulleys, or weights, and that is intended to apply a therapeutic pulling force to the skeletal system.
• Reciprocating Gait Orthosis
• Rigid Cervical-Thoracic Orthosis (FDA Code: IQF / 890.3490)
• Shoulder Orthosis
• Soft Rib Fracture Orthosis (FDA Code: IPX / 890.3490)
• Soft Sacroiliac Orthosis (FDA Code: IPW / 890.3490)
• Thermoplastic Material
• Thermoplastic Splints
• Thoracic Orthosis, Brace (FDA Code: IPT / 890.3490)
• Traction Head Halter (FDA Code: HSS / 888.5890)
• Traction Head Halter (FDA Code: IRS / 890.5925)
A traction accessory is a nonpowered accessory device intended for medical purposes to be used with powered traction equipment to aid in exerting therapeutic pulling forces on the patient's body. This generic type of device includes the pulley, strap, head halter, and pelvic belt.
• Traction Splint (FDA Code: HSP / 888.5890)

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