Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Address: 20 Ramsay Road, Shirley, New York 11967-4704, USA
Phone: +1-(631)-924-9000 | Fax: +1-(631)-924-8355 | Map/Directions >>

Profile: Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. specializes in medical equipment. We are an ISO certified company. Our products include physical medicine & rehabilitation, nuclear medicine supplies & accessories, & medical imaging tables and accessories. The imaging tables include surgical C-arm table, fixed height C-arm table, ultrasound table, MRI stretcher, hamper, and cart. The nuclear medicine supplies include syringe & vial shields, dose calibrators, lung ventilation systems, thyroid uptake systems, phantoms, radiation detection, and radiopharmacy.

The company was founded in 1949, has revenues of USD 25-50 Million, has ~200 employees and is ISO 9001, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 2431314

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• Assessment Equipment
• Balance Assessment & Training Kits
• Balance Systems
• Bicycles & Treadmills
• Blood Drawing Chair
• Blood Phlebotomy Chair
• Breathing Circuit Bacterial Filter (FDA Code: CAH / 868.5260)
A breathing circuit bacterial filter is a device that is intended to remove microbiological and particulate matter from the gases in the breathing circuit.
• Cardiac Monitor (Cardiotachometer and Rate Alarm) (FDA Code: DRT / 870.2300)
A cardiac monitor (including cardiotachometer and rate alarm) is a device used to measure the heart rate from an analog signal produced by an electrocardiograph, vectorcardiograph, or blood pressure monitor. This device may sound an alarm when the heart rate falls outside preset upper and lower limits.
• Cardiac Treadmills
• Cardiovascular Equipment Kits
• Cardiovasculars
• Chair with Casters (FDA Code: INM / 890.3100)
A mechanical chair is a manually operated device intended for medical purposes that is used to assist a disabled person in performing an activity that the person would otherwise find difficult to do or be unable to do. Examples of mechanical chairs include the following: A chair with an elevating seat used to raise a person from a sitting position to a standing position and a chair with casters used by a person to move from one place to another while sitting.
• Chemical Fume Hoods Equipment
• Clinical Beta/Gamma Counter (FDA Code: JJJ / 862.2320)
A beta or gamma counter for clinical use is a device intended to detect and count beta or gamma radiation emitted by clinical samples. Clinical samples are prepared by addition of a radioactive reagent to the sample. These measurements are useful in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders.
• Clinical Use Chromatography (Thin Layer) (FDA Code: KZS / 862.2270)
A thin-layer chromatography (TLC) system for clinical use is a device intended to separate one or more drugs or compounds from a mixture. The mixture of compounds is absorbed onto a stationary phase or thin layer of inert material (e.g., cellulose, alumina, etc.) and eluted off by a moving solvent (moving phase) until equilibrium occurs between the two phases.
• Decontamination Kit (FDA Code: MAC / 878.4014)
• Direct Patient Interface Nebulizer (FDA Code: CAF / 868.5630)
A nebulizer is a device intended to spray liquids in aerosol form into gases that are delivered directly to the patient for breathing. Heated, ultrasonic, gas, venturi, and refillable nebulizers are included in this generic type of device.
• Dual-Lock Undertable X-Ray Shields
• Elliptical Fitness Kits
• Equipment Conditioning Systems
• Exercise Balls
• Exercise Products, Ball Rack For Therapy Balls
• Exercise Products, Exercise Balls
• Exercise Treadmills
• Fitness Equipment Treadmills
• Fitness Treadmills
• Force-Measuring Platform (FDA Code: KHX / 890.1575)
A force-measuring platform is a device intended for medical purposes that converts pressure applied upon a planar surface into analog mechanical or electrical signals. This device is used to determine ground reaction force, centers of percussion, centers of torque, and their variations in both magnitude and direction with time.
• Fume Evacuator
• Fume Hoods
• Gait Analysis & Training Devices
• General Medical Imaging Accessories
• General Use Gamma Counter
• Gonadal Shield (FDA Code: IWT / 892.6500)
A personnel protective shield is a device intended for medical purposes to protect the patient, the operator, or other persons from unnecessary exposure to radiation during radiologic procedures by providing an attenuating barrier to radiation. This generic type of device may include articles of clothing, furniture, and movable or stationary structures.
• Gymnic Exercise Balls
• Hospital Sign
• Isokinetic Testing and Evaluation System (FDA Code: IKK / 890.1925)
An isokinetic testing and evaluation system is a rehabilitative exercise device intended for medical purposes, such as to measure, evaluate, and increase the strength of muscles and the range of motion of joints.
• Lab Fume Hood Monitors
• Laboratory Fume Hoods
• Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods
• Leaded Syringe Holder (FDA Code: IWR / 892.6500)
• Leaded Vial Shield (FDA Code: IWW / 892.6500)
• Leaded X- Ray Protection Shield
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging
• Manual Treadmills
• Measuring Exerciser (FDA Code: ISD / 890.5360)
Measuring exercise equipment consist of manual devices intended for medical purposes, such as to redevelop muscles or restore motion to joints or for use as an adjunct treatment for obesity. These devices also include instrumentation, such as the pulse rate monitor, that provide information used for physical evaluation and physical planning purposes., Examples include a therapeutic exercise bicycle with measuring instrumentation, a manually propelled treadmill with measuring instrumentation, and a rowing machine with measuring instrumentation.
• Mechanical Table (FDA Code: INW / 890.3750)
A mechanical table is a device intended for medical purposes that has a flat surface that can be inclined or adjusted to various positions. It is used by patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions to increase tolerance to an upright or standing position.
• Mechanical Walker (FDA Code: ITJ / 890.3825)
A mechanical walker is a four-legged device with a metal frame intended for medical purposes to provide moderate weight support while walking. It is used by disabled persons who lack strength, good balance, or endurance.
• Medical Imaging
• Medical Imaging Kits
• Medical Treadmills

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