Bio-tek Instruments, Inc.

Address: Highland Park, P.O. Box 998, Winooski, Vermont 05404, USA
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Profile: Bio-tek Instruments, Inc. focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of microplate instrumentation & software. Our product categories are detection, liquid handling, robotics, software and accessories. Our Synergy 4 microplate reader with hybrid technology is the most advanced multi-detection microplate reader, designed to address the widest range of microplate-based applications. Its optical design combines a fluorescence filter-based detection system and a monochromator-based detection system in one compact unit. The filter-based system can be used when high sensitivity or fast read speeds are a requirement. The monochromator system is available when spectral scanning is needed. Our ELx405 HT microplate washer is designed specifically to rapidly wash 384-well microplates. It includes our patented Dual-Action™ manifold to ensure optimal performance and easy maintenance.

FDA Registration Number: 1217454

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• Absorbance Microplate Reader
• Cardiac Monitor (Cardiotachometer and Rate Alarm) (FDA Code: DRT / 870.2300)
A cardiac monitor (including cardiotachometer and rate alarm) is a device used to measure the heart rate from an analog signal produced by an electrocardiograph, vectorcardiograph, or blood pressure monitor. This device may sound an alarm when the heart rate falls outside preset upper and lower limits.
• Clinical Colorimeter (FDA Code: JJQ / 862.2300)
A colorimeter, a photometer, or a spectrophotometer for clinical use is an instrument intended to measure radiant energy emitted, transmitted, absorbed, or reflected under controlled conditions. The device may include a monochromator to produce light of a specific wavelength.
• Data Processing Module for Clinical use (FDA Code: JQP / 862.2100)
A calculator/data processing module for clinical use is an electronic device intended to store, retrieve, and process laboratory data.
• Defibrillator Testers (FDA Code: DRL / 870.5325)
A defibrillator tester is a device that is connected to the output of a defibrillator and is used to measure the energy delivered by the defibrillator into a standard resistive load. Some testers also provide waveform information.
• Electrocardiograph (FDA Code: DPS / 870.2340)
An electrocardiograph is a device used to process the electrical signal transmitted through two or more electrocardiograph electrodes and to produce a visual display of the electrical signal produced by the heart.
• Extravascular Blood Pressure Transducer (FDA Code: DRS / 870.2850)
An extravascular blood pressure transducer is a device used to measure blood pressure by changes in the mechanical or electrical properties of the device. The proximal end of the transducer is connected to a pressure monitor that produces an analog or digital electrical signal related to the electrical or mechanical changes produced in the transducer.
• Fluorometer for Clinical Use (FDA Code: KHO / 862.2560)
A fluorometer for clinical use is a device intended to measure by fluorescence certain analytes. Fluorescence is the property of certain substances of radiating, when illuminated, a light of a different wavelength. This device is used in conjunction with certain materials to measure a variety of analytes.
• Laboratory Equipment
• Laboratory Equipment Devices
• Luminescence Microplate Reader
• Manual Microplate Strip Washer
• Manual Microplate Washers
• Microplate Dispenser
• Microplate Pipetting System
• microplate reader
• Microplate Sample Processor
• Microplate Spectrophotometer
• Microplate Stacker
• Microplate Storage System
• Microplate Washers
• Microtiter Diluting/Dispensing Device (FDA Code: JTC / 866.2500)
A microtiter diluting and dispensing device is a mechanical device intended for medical purposes to dispense or serially dilute very small quantities of biological or chemical reagents for use in various diagnostic procedures.
• Multi-Detection Microplate Reader
• Non-Invasive Blood-Pressure Measurement System (FDA Code: DXN / 870.1130)
A noninvasive blood pressure measurement system is a device that provides a signal from which systolic, diastolic, mean, or any combination of the three pressures can be derived through the use of tranducers placed on the surface of the body.
• Oximeters (FDA Code: DQA / 870.2700)
An oximeter is a device used to transmit radiation at a known wavelength(s) through blood and to measure the blood oxygen saturation based on the amount of reflected or scattered radiation. It may be used alone or in conjunction with a fiberoptic oximeter catheter.
• Pacemaker Generator Function Analyzer (FDA Code: DTC / 870.3630)
A pacemaker generator function analyzer is a device that is connected to a pacemaker pulse generator to test any or all of the generator's parameters, including pulse duration, pulse amplitude, pulse rate, and sensing threshold.
• Pipetting and Diluting Station (FDA Code: JQW / 862.2750)
A pipetting and diluting system for clinical use is a device intended to provide an accurately measured volume of liquid at a specified temperature for use in certain test procedures. This generic type of device system includes serial, manual, automated, and semi-automated dilutors, pipettors, dispensers, and pipetting stations.
• Portable Leakage Current Alarm (FDA Code: DSM / 870.2640)
A portable leakage current alarm is a device used to measure the electrical leakage current between any two points of an electrical system and to sound an alarm if the current exceeds a certain threshold.

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