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Profile: Bernell VTP distributes ophthalmic products . Our products include contact lens items, eye movement, recorders, low vision, optical, primary, reference material, and vision therapy products. Our eye models are durable platic, washable, and disassembles in six parts. Our optical products include lens cleaners, measuring tools, reading glasses, sunglasses, pilers, screws, and miscellaneous.Our primary care products include dilation needs, disinfectants, occluders, field tests, foreign body removal, eye patches, screening kits, stereopsis testing, and testing instruments. Our screening kits is an objective indirect method of evaluating visual tracking and saccadic eye movements without the use of sophisticated instrumentation. The test is quick, easy to score and can be administered by non-eye care practitioners, investigates some of the oculomotor skills involved in reading, identifying children whose visual performance is below the expected norm, requires minimum time to administer and interpret, and making it practical for use by non-optometrist when used in conjunction with a complete visual analysis

The company was founded in 1954, has revenues of USD 1-5 Million and is CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 1820463

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• Amsler Grid (FDA Code: HOQ / 886.1330)
An Amsler grid is a device that is a series of charts with grids of different sizes that are held at 30 centimeters distance from the patient and intended to rapidly detect central and paracentral irregularities in the visual field.
• Cilia Forceps
• Color Vision Tester (FDA Code: HIT / 886.1170)
A color vision tester is a device that consists of various colored materials, such as colored yarns or color vision plates (multicolored plates which patients with color vision deficiency would perceive as being of one color), intended to evaluate color vision.
• Contact Lens Case
• Contact Lens Forceps
• Contact Lens Spinner
• Contact Lens Tweezer
• Corneal Foreign Body, Rust Ring Removers
• corneal rust ring Removers
• Eye Patch
• Fusion and Stereoscopic Target (FDA Code: HLP / 886.1880)
A fusion and stereoscopic target is a device intended for use as a viewing object with a stereoscope (886.1870).
• Goggles & Protective Eyewear
• Haidinger Brush (FDA Code: HIY / 886.1090)
• Hand-held Magnifiers
• Hyperopia Screening Flippers
• Illiterate Charts Tumbling E
• Intuitive ColorimeterT
• Jeweler Forceps
• Lens Axis Pliers
• Maddox Lens (FDA Code: HKR / 886.1400)
A Maddox lens is a device that is a series of red cylinders that change the size, shape, and color of an image. The device is intended to be handheld or placed in a trial frame to evaluate eye muscle dysfunction.
• Muscle Lights
• Near Visual Acuity Charts
• Non-Custom Prescription Spectacle Lens (FDA Code: HQG / 886.5844)
A prescription spectacle lens is a glass or plastic device that is a lens intended to be worn by a patient in a spectacle frame to provide refractive corrections in accordance with a prescription for the patient. The device may be modified to protect the eyes from bright sunlight (i.e., prescription sunglasses). Prescription sunglass lenses may be reflective, tinted, polarizing, or photosensitized.
• Ophthalmic AC-Powered Fixation Device (FDA Code: HPL / 886.1290)
A fixation device is an AC-powered device intended for use as a fixation target for the patient during ophthalmological examination. The patient directs his or her gaze so that the visual image of the object falls on the fovea centralis (the center of the macular retina of the eye.)
• Ophthalmic Lens Gauge (FDA Code: HLN / 886.1420)
An ophthalmic lens gauge is a calibrated device intended to manually measure the curvature of a spectacle lens.
• Ophthalmic Occluder
• Ophthalmic Prism Bar (FDA Code: HKW / 886.1650)
An ophthalmic bar prism is a device that is a bar composed of fused prisms of gradually increasing strengths intended to measure latent and manifest strabismus (eye muscle deviation) or the power of fusion of a patient's eyes.
• Ophthalmic Trial Lens Clip (FDA Code: HPB / 886.1410)
An ophthalmic trial lens clip is a device intended to hold prisms, spheres, cylinders, or occluders on a trial frame or spectacles for vision testing.
• Optha Eye Patch
• Pictures
• Pliers
• Pupillometer
• Skiascopic Rack (FDA Code: HMH / 886.1750)
A skiascopic rack is a device that is a rack and a set of attached ophthalmic lenses of various dioptric strengths intended as an aid in refraction.
• Stereopsis Measuring Instrument (FDA Code: HLC / 886.1460)
A stereopsis measuring instrument is a device intended to measure depth perception by illumination of objects placed on different planes.
• Tangent Screen (FDA Code: HOL / 886.1810)
A tangent screen (campimeter) is an AC-powered or battery-powered device that is a large square cloth chart with a central mark of fixation intended to map on a flat surface the central 30 degrees of a patient's visual field. This generic type of device includes projection tangent screens, target tangent screens and targets, felt tangent screens, and stereo campimeters.
• Translucent Occluder
• Tumbling E
• Vision Testing, Near Visual Acuity Charts
• Visual stimuli - tumbling E
• Worth 4 Dot Tests

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