Atrium Medical Corporation

Address: 5 Wentworth Drive, Hudson, New Hampshire 03051, USA
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Profile: Atrium Medical Corporation manufactures breakthrough medical device technologies used in open heart surgery, emergency chest trauma, thoracic drainage and surgical repair of diseased blood vessels. We are an ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 & CE MARK certified company. We offer products like cardiology, chest drainage, interventional, soft tissue repair & vascular. Our catheter is available with patented HydraGlide™ coating, which is a permanent, covalently bonded heparin complex that inhibits clot formation and reduces mechanical irritation to heart & lung tissues due to ultra-low coefficient of friction.

The company was founded in 1981, has revenues of USD 50-100 Million, has ~420 employees and is ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, CE certified.

FDA Registration Number: 3011175548

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• Autotransfusion Apparatus (FDA Code: CAC / 868.5830)
An autotransfusion apparatus is a device used to collect and reinfuse the blood lost by a patient due to surgery or trauma.
• Autotransfusion Blood Bags
• Blood Bag
• Blood Bag Labels
• Blood Bag Spikes
• Blood Bag Tube Sealer
• Blood Bags For Dialysis
• Chest Drainage Kit
• Continuous Flush Catheter (FDA Code: KRA / 870.1210)
A continuous flush catheter is an attachment to a catheter-transducer system that permits continuous intravascular flushing at a slow infusion rate for the purpose of eliminating clotting, back-leakage, and waveform damping.
• Coronary Dilation Balloons, Semi-Compliant
• Coronary Stent (FDA Code: MAF)
• Disposable Plastic Blood bag
• Disposable PVC Blood Bag
• Embolectomy Catheters (FDA Code: DXE / 870.5150)
An embolectomy catheter is a balloon-tipped catheter that is used to remove thromboemboli, i.e., blood clots which have migrated in blood vessels from one site in the vascular tree to another.
• Expandable Tracheal Prosthesis (FDA Code: JCT / 878.3720)
The tracheal prosthesis is a rigid, flexible, or expandable tubular device made of a silicone, metal, or polymeric material that is intended to be implanted to restore the structure and/or function of the trachea or trachealbronchial tree. It may be unbranched or contain one or two branches. The metal tracheal prosthesis may be uncovered or covered with a polymeric material. This device may also include a device delivery system.
• General & Plastic Surgery Ventricular Catheter (FDA Code: GBS / 878.4200)
An introduction/drainage catheter is a device that is a flexible single or multilumen tube intended to be used to introduce nondrug fluids into body cavities other than blood vessels, drain fluids from body cavities, or evaluate certain physiologic conditions. Examples include irrigation and drainage catheters, pediatric catheters, peritoneal catheters (including dialysis), and other general surgical catheters. An introduction/drainage catheter accessory is intended to aid in the manipulation of or insertion of the device into the body. Examples of accessories include adaptors, connectors, and catheter needles.
• General Surgical Aids
• Hernia Repair Grafts
• Incision and Drainage Kit
• Other Catheter
• Percutaneous Catheter (FDA Code: DQY / 870.1250)
A percutaneous catheter is a device that is introduced into a vein or artery through the skin using a dilator and a sheath (introducer) or guide wire.
• Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Catheter (FDA Code: LOX / 870.5100)
• Peripheral Transluminal Angioplasty Catheter (FDA Code: LIT / 870.1250)
• Polymeric Surgical Mesh (FDA Code: FTL / 878.3300)
Surgical mesh is a metallic or polymeric screen intended to be implanted to reinforce soft tissue or bone where weakness exists. Examples of surgical mesh are metallic and polymeric mesh for hernia repair, and acetabular and cement restrictor mesh used during orthopedic surgery.
• Polypropylene PTFE PETP Pledget and Intracardiac Patch (FDA Code: DXZ / 870.3470)
An intracardiac patch or pledget made of polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, or polytetrafluoroethylene is a fabric device placed in the heart that is used to repair septal defects, for patch grafting, to repair tissue, and to buttress sutures.
• PTFE/Carbon-Fiber Prosthesis (FDA Code: KDA / 878.3500)
A polytetrafluoroethylene with carbon fibers composite implant material is a porous device material intended to be implanted during surgery of the chin, jaw, nose, or bones or tissue near the eye or ear. The device material serves as a space-occupying substance and is shaped and formed by the surgeon to conform to the patient's need.
• PVC Thoracic Trocars
• Reservoir Bag (FDA Code: BTC / 868.5320)
A reservoir bag is a device, usually made of conductive rubber, intended for use in a breathing circuit as a reservoir for breathing gas and to assist, control, or monitor a patient's ventilation.
• Small Diameter Vascular Graft Prosthesis (FDA Code: DYF / 870.3450)
A vascular graft prosthesis is an implanted device intended to repair, replace, or bypass sections of native or artificial vessels, excluding coronary or cerebral vasculature, and to provide vascular access. It is commonly constructed of materials such as polyethylene terephthalate and polytetrafluoroethylene, and it may be coated with a biological coating, such as albumin or collagen, or a synthetic coating, such as silicone. The graft structure itself is not made of materials of animal origin, including human umbilical cords.
• Surgical Mesh, Hernia Repair Grafts
• Synthetic/Biological Composite Vascular Graft (FDA Code: MAL / 870.3450)
• Thoracic Drain
• Thoracic Trocar
• Thoracic Trocar Catheter
• Vacuum Collection Bottle (FDA Code: KDQ / 880.6740)
A vacuum-powered body fluid suction apparatus is a device used to aspirate, remove, or sample body fluids. The device is powered by an external source of vacuum. This generic type of device includes vacuum regulators, vacuum collection bottles, suction catheters and tips, connecting flexible aspirating tubes, rigid suction tips, specimen traps, noninvasive tubing, and suction regulators (with gauge).
• Vascular Graft Prosthesis (FDA Code: DSY / 870.3450)
• Vascular Stent
• Water Seal Thoracic Drain
• Wound Drainage Kit

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