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Profile: Abbott Vascular Devices concentrates on medical device innovations with world-class pharmaceuticals to deliver solutions for the treatment of vascular diseases. We render a portfolio of endovascular products to assist clinicians in treating peripheral vascular and nonvascular diseases. Our products include technologies that clinicians use throughout the various points of a diagnostic or interventional procedure from dilation to stent placement and access site closure.

The company was founded in 1888.

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• AC-Powered Surgical Instrument Motor (FDA Code: GEY / 878.4820)
Surgical instrument motors and accessories are AC-powered, battery-powered, or air-powered devices intended for use during surgical procedures to provide power to operate various accessories or attachments to cut hard tissue or bone and soft tissue. Accessories or attachments may include a bur, chisel (osteotome), dermabrasion brush, dermatome, drill bit, hammerhead, pin driver, and saw blade.
• Active Closure Devices
• Angiographic Catheter, El Gamal Multipurpose
• Angiographic Catheter, El Gamal Sones
• Angiographic Catheter, Multipurpose El Gamal Curve
• Atherectomy Coronary Catheter (FDA Code: MCX)
• Atherectomy Peripheral Catheter (FDA Code: MCW / 870.4875)
An intraluminal artery stripper is a device used to perform an endarterectomy (removal of plaque deposits from arterisclerotic arteries.)
• Balloon Inflation Syringe (FDA Code: MAV / 870.1650)
An angiographic injector and syringe is a device that consists of a syringe and a high-pressure injector which are used to inject contrast material into the heart, great vessels, and coronary arteries to study the heart and vessels by x-ray photography.
• Cardiac Bypass Assist Tools
• Cardiac Bypass Assist Tools, Heart Stabilization Tools
• Cardiopulmonary Bypass Adaptor (FDA Code: DTL / 870.4290)
A cardiopulmonary bypass adaptor, stopcock, manifold, or fitting is a device used in cardiovascular diagnostic, surgical, and therapeutic applications to interconnect tubing, catheters, or other devices.
• Cardiovascular Surgical Instrument (FDA Code: DWS / 870.4500)
Cardiovascular surgical instruments are surgical instruments that have special features for use in cardiovascular surgery. These devices include, e.g., forceps, retractors, and scissors.
• Carotid Artery Stenting
• Carotid Stent Systems (FDA Code: NIM)
• Catheter Introducers (FDA Code: DYB / 870.1340)
A catheter introducer is a sheath used to facilitate placing a catheter through the skin into a vein or artery.
• Catheter Introducers, MULLINS
• Catheter Introducers, Mullins Design
• Cerebral Embolic Protection System
• Coronary Artery Retroperfusion System
• Coronary Guide Wires
• Coronary Stent (FDA Code: MAF)
• Coronary Stent Graft System
• Diagnostic Biliary Catheter (FDA Code: FGE / 876.5010)
A biliary catheter and accessories is a tubular flexible device used for temporary or prolonged drainage of the biliary tract, for splinting of the bile duct during healing, or for preventing stricture of the bile duct. This generic type of device may include a bile collecting bag that is attached to the biliary catheter by a connector and fastened to the patient with a strap.
• Diagnostic Intravascular Catheter (FDA Code: DQO / 870.1200)
An intravascular diagnostic catheter is a device used to record intracardiac pressures, to sample blood, and to introduce substances into the heart and vessels. Included in this generic device are right-heart catheters, left-heart catheters, and angiographic catheters, among others.
• Embolic Protection System
• Foley Catheter Introducer
• General Surgical Manual Instrument (FDA Code: MDM / 878.4800)
A manual surgical instrument for general use is a nonpowered, hand-held, or hand-manipulated device, either reusable or disposable, intended to be used in various general surgical procedures. The device includes the applicator, clip applier, biopsy brush, manual dermabrasion brush, scrub brush, cannula, ligature carrier, chisel, clamp, contractor, curette, cutter, dissector, elevator, skin graft expander, file, forceps, gouge, instrument guide, needle guide, hammer, hemostat, amputation hook, ligature passing and knot-tying instrument, knife, blood lancet, mallet, disposable or reusable aspiration and injection needle, disposable or reusable suturing needle, osteotome, pliers, rasp, retainer, retractor, saw, scalpel blade, scalpel handle, one-piece scalpel, snare, spatula, stapler, disposable or reusable stripper, stylet, suturing apparatus for the stomach and intestine, measuring tape, and calipers. A surgical instrument that has specialized uses in a specific medical specialty is classified in separate regulations in parts 868 through 892.
• Guidewire Catheter (FDA Code: DQX / 870.1330)
A catheter guide wire is a coiled wire that is designed to fit inside a percutaneous catheter for the purpose of directing the catheter through a blood vessel.
• Immune Globulin (Ig)
• Implantable Clip (FDA Code: FZP / 878.4300)
An implantable clip is a clip-like device intended to connect internal tissues to aid healing. It is not absorbable.
• Implantable Venous Access Catheter Introducer Kits
• Percutaneous Catheter (FDA Code: DQY / 870.1250)
A percutaneous catheter is a device that is introduced into a vein or artery through the skin using a dilator and a sheath (introducer) or guide wire.
• Percutaneous Catheters Sets, Pediatric
• Percutaneous Catheters Sets, Pediatric Percutaneous Access
• Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Catheter (FDA Code: LOX / 870.5100)
• Peripheral Guidewires
• Peripheral Transluminal Angioplasty Catheter (FDA Code: LIT / 870.1250)
• Polypropylene Synthetic Non-Absorbable Suture (FDA Code: GAW / 878.5010)
Nonabsorbable polypropylene surgical suture is a monofilament, nonabsorbable, sterile, flexible thread prepared from long-chain polyolefin polymer known as polypropylene and is indicated for use in soft tissue approximation. The polypropylene surgical suture meets United States Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) requirements as described in the U.S.P. Monograph for Nonabsorbable Surgical Sutures; it may be undyed or dyed with an FDA approved color additive; and the suture may be provided with or without a standard needle attached.
• Suture Trimmer
• Topical Hemostasis Pad
• Urological Percutaneous Catheters and Sets
• Vascular Closure System
• Vascular Hemostasis Device (FDA Code: MGB)

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