Abbott Laboratories

Address: 100 Abbott Park Road, Abbott Park, Illinois 60064-3500, USA
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Profile: Abbott Laboratories is a diversified health care company which discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products & services that span the continuum of care from prevention, diagnosis to treatment & cure. We focus on advancing medical science & the practice of health care with expertise in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, pain management, respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS, men & women's health, pediatrics and animal health. Our product Similac® Isomil® DF is ideal for dietary management of diarrhea to help firm loose and watery stools in infants older than 6 months & toddlers. It is the first and only infant formula to contain added dietary fiber (soy) specifically for diarrhea management. It is clinically shown to be effective in the management of antibiotic-induced diarrhea. Two carbohydrates, mainly corn syrup and sucrose are added to maximize absorption & minimize the risk of malabsorption. Our product juven® is a targeted therapeutic nutrition that helps build and maintain lean body mass & support healing.

The company has ~5000 employees. NYSE:ABT (SEC Filings)

FDA Registration Number: 1451914

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• AC-Powered Biomicroscope Slit Lamp (FDA Code: HJO / 886.1850)
An AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is an AC-powered device that is a microscope intended for use in eye examination that projects into a patient's eye through a control diaphragm a thin, intense beam of light.
• AC-Powered Keratome (FDA Code: HNO / 886.4370)
A keratome is an AC-powered or battery-powered device intended to shave tissue from sections of the cornea for a lamellar (partial thickness) transplant.
• AC-Powered Vitreous Aspiration and Cutting Instrument (FDA Code: HQE / 886.4150)
A vitreous aspiration and cutting instrument is an electrically powered device, which may use ultrasound, intended to remove vitreous matter from the vitreous cavity or remove a crystalline lens.
• Adult-Pediatric Volumetric Infusion Pumps
• Alpha-Fetoprotein Test for Neural Tube Defect Test (FDA Code: LOK)
• Ambulatory Enteral Feeding Bag
• Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
• Analgesics
• Anesthesia Delivery Unit
• Anesthesia Equipment
• Anesthesia Equipment
• Anesthesia Infusion Pump Tubing
• Anesthesia Monitor
• Anesthesia Ring
• Anesthesia Table and Tray Cabinet (FDA Code: BRY / 868.6100)
An anesthetic cabinet, table, or tray is a device intended to store anesthetic equipment and drugs. The device is usually constructed to eliminate build-up of static electrical charges.
• Anesthesia Workstation
• Anesthetic Drugs
• Anesthetic Infusion Pump (FDA Code: FRN / 880.5725)
An infusion pump is a device used in a health care facility to pump fluids into a patient in a controlled manner. The device may use a piston pump, a roller pump, or a peristaltic pump and may be powered electrically or mechanically. The device may also operate using a constant force to propel the fluid through a narrow tube which determines the flow rate. The device may include means to detect a fault condition, such as air in, or blockage of, the infusion line and to activate an alarm.
• Anesthetics
• Aspheric Intraocular Lenses
• Aspheric Multifocal Lens
• Automated Tissue Stainer (FDA Code: KEY / 864.3800)
An automated slide stainer is a device used to stain histology, cytology, and hematology slides for diagnosis.
• Baker Jejunostomy Gastrointestinal Decompression Tube
• Batteries & Battery Assemblies for Infusion Pumps
• Battery-Powered Vitreous Aspiration and Cutting Instrument (FDA Code: HKP / 886.4150)
• Benzodiazepine Enzyme Immunoassay Test (FDA Code: JXM / 862.3170)
A benzodiazepine test system is a device intended to measure any of the benzodiazepine compounds, sedative and hypnotic drugs, in blood, plasma, and urine. The benzodiazepine compounds include chlordiazepoxide, diazepam, oxazepam, chlorzepate, flurazepam, and nitrazepam. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of benzodiazepine use or overdose and in monitoring levels of benzodiazepines to ensure appropriate therapy.
• Biliary Balloon Expandable Stent System
• Biliary Stent Systems
• Bladder Cancer Tests
• Bladder Tumor Marker Monitoring Test (FDA Code: MMW / 866.6010)
A tumor-associated antigen immunological test system is a device that consists of reagents used to qualitatively or quantitatively measure, by immunochemical techniques, tumor-associated antigens in serum, plasma, urine, or other body fluids. This device is intended as an aid in monitoring patients for disease progress or response to therapy or for the detection of recurrent or residual disease.
• C-Reactive Protein (CRP), FITC Conjugate (FDA Code: DCK / 866.5270)
A C-reactive protein immunological test system is a device that consists of the reagents used to measure by immunochemical techniques the C-reactive protein in serum and other body fluids. Measurement of C-reactive protein aids in evaluation of the amount of injury to body tissues.
• Capsular Tension Rings
• Carbamazepine Enzyme Immunoassay Test (FDA Code: KLT / 862.3645)
A neuroleptic drugs radioceptor assay test system is a device intended to measure in serum or plasma the dopamine receptor blocking activity of neuroleptic drugs and their active metabolites. A neuroleptic drug has anti-psychotic action affecting principally psychomotor activity, is generally without hypnotic effects, and is a tranquilizer. Measurements obtained by this device are used to aid in determining whether a patient is taking the prescribed dosage level of such drugs.
• Cardiovascular Equipment Kits
• Cardiovascular Patch
• Cardiovascular Procedure Kit (FDA Code: OEZ / 870.1200)
An intravascular diagnostic catheter is a device used to record intracardiac pressures, to sample blood, and to introduce substances into the heart and vessels. Included in this generic device are right-heart catheters, left-heart catheters, and angiographic catheters, among others.
• Cardiovascular Systems
• Cardiovasculars
• Carotid Stent Systems (FDA Code: NIM)
• Catheter Needle (FDA Code: GCB / 878.4200)
An introduction/drainage catheter is a device that is a flexible single or multilumen tube intended to be used to introduce nondrug fluids into body cavities other than blood vessels, drain fluids from body cavities, or evaluate certain physiologic conditions. Examples include irrigation and drainage catheters, pediatric catheters, peritoneal catheters (including dialysis), and other general surgical catheters. An introduction/drainage catheter accessory is intended to aid in the manipulation of or insertion of the device into the body. Examples of accessories include adaptors, connectors, and catheter needles.
• Compact Anesthesia Monitor
• Constant-flow Infusion Pump
• Contact Lens Eye Drops
• Controls
• Corneo-Scleral Punch (FDA Code: HNJ / 886.4350)
A manual ophthalmic surgical instrument is a nonpowered, handheld device intended to aid or perform ophthalmic surgical procedures. This generic type of device includes the manual corneal burr, ophthalmic caliper, ophthalmic cannula, eyelid clamp, ophthalmic muscle clamp, iris retractor clip, orbital compressor, ophthalmic curette, cystotome, orbital depressor, lachrymal dilator, erisophake, expressor, ophthalmic forcep, ophthalmic hook, sphere introducer, ophthalmic knife, ophthalmic suturing needle, lachrymal probe, trabeculotomy probe, cornea-sclera punch, ophthalmic retractor, ophthalmic ring (Flieringa), lachrymal sac rongeur, ophthalmic scissors, enucleating snare, ophthalmic spatula, ophthalmic specula, ophthalmic spoon, ophthalmic spud, trabeculotome or ophthalmic manual trephine.
• Cultured Animal and Human Cells (FDA Code: KIR / 864.2280)
Cultured animal and human cells are in vitro cultivated cell lines from the tissue of humans or other animals which are used in various diagnostic procedures, particularly diagnostic virology and cytogenetic studies.
• Cyclosporine and Metabolites Serum Assay (FDA Code: MAR / 862.1235)
A cyclosporine test system is a device intended to quantitatively determine cyclosporine concentrations as an aid in the management of transplant patients receiving therapy with this drug. This generic type of device includes immunoassays and chromatographic assays for cyclosporine.
• Diabetic Monitoring
• Digoxin Enzyme Immunoassay Test (FDA Code: KXT / 862.3320)
A digoxin test system is a device intended to measure digoxin, a cardiovascular drug, in serum and plasma. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of digoxin overdose and in monitoring levels of digoxin to ensure appropriate therapy.
• Diphenylhydantoin Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FDA Code: LGR / 862.3350)
A diphenylhydantoin test system is a device intended to measure diphenylhydantoin, an antiepileptic drug, in human specimens. Measurements obtained by this device are used in the diagnosis and treatment of diphenylhydantoin overdose and in monitoring levels of diphenylhydantoin to ensure appropriate therapy.

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